Stress Recovery Training


Stress Recovery Training

Stress is not the evil entity it's often made out to be. But too little stress can lead to boredom and tedium.

How we do it...

During these events, Nick Hall shows you how the optimal performance state exists when a healthy amount of stress is balanced with an equal and opposite amount of recovery.

Nick worked with a contestant on Fear Factor. She had a fear of heights and she trained with Nick to overcome it. She won the $50,000 first prize.


Unleash the Power of
The Stress Recovery Effect


Proven Science

Nick's conclusions are grounded in science; however, as a person who on multiple occasions has experienced rapidly failing environments, he understands that stress does not always progress in ways predicted by experimental data.

Transform stress into a formula for success!

That's why protocols designed to better cope with stress should always be grounded in science and tempered with pragmatism. This is something he realized in 1968 while working for the Office of Naval Research. His job was training dolphins as part of a stress-related communication study. Then in 1978, he led a National Geographic sponsored expedition to the West Indies studying mass-stranding behavior in whales. He was in Grenada when the 1979 revolution occurred, then in St. Vincent when the volcano La Soufriere erupted. Later, he was sailing his 22 foot sailboat between the two countries when Hurricane David clipped the islands. His presentation will draw upon research and firsthand experiences as he describes ways to transform stress into a formula for success.

Our highly interactive Stress Recovery Effect Events are available in both full-day and half-day sessions. These events have earned praise from hundreds of health care providers who attended during response to COVID 19 as well as others.

Mobile Team Event programs differ from others and we have data documenting effectiveness.
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General Questions

  • Can anyone climb?
    Climbing and our other team building activities are great for the young and the young-at-heart. As long as you weigh at least 45 pounds and no more than 250 pounds you are good to go. You must also be free of any musculoskeletal injuries and other conditions that might be aggravated while climbing.
  • Is the mobile climbing wall safe?
    Absolutely. Our Extreme Engineering designed climbing wall incorporates one of the safest automated belay systems in the world. It features a fully redundant hydraulic unit requiring no power to operate along with an independent pneumatic system which maintains proper cable tension. The belay system, triple lock carbon steel climbing carabiners, and cables are inspected before each event. All equipment meets or exceeds the climbing and safety standards of all pertinent agencies (ANSI, ASTM, OSHA etc.). Our staff are fully trained in the safe operation and supervision of the mobile climbing wall.
  • Are you insured?
    We're insured by Lloyds of London--one of the most trusted and experienced insurance companies in the world for liability and medical coverage.
  • How much?
    Probably less than you expect or will find elsewhere. We offer hourly and daily rates which vary depending upon how the wall is used--for climbing or display. We can also offer it at no cost to host organizations and charge the climbers. We also offer discounts for nonprofits. Contact us for details. Complete the request below to plan your outdoor escape.
  • How much space is needed?
    Not much. The Mobile Team Events 4-person climbing wall is 29 feet 10 inches high- top to bottom. When raised, the operational footprint is 16 by 8 feet allowing the wall to set-up on the average homeowner's driveway. It can even be set up indoors with sufficient access and height clearance.

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