Rock Climbing Wall Rental


Rock Climbing Wall Rental

Play is essential for all ages.

Our rock climbing wall is available to groups and is more affordable than you might think. Scaling a 30-foot climbing wall and playing cooperative games adds pizazz to any gathering or event. These outdoor escapes are great for the young and the young-at-heart. Choose from a range of activities - many of which can be set up on a residential driveway or yard. Review our FAQ and complete the request below to plan your outdoor escape.

Mobile Team Events also creates events for children that are fun and teach valuable life skills along the way.

Sure, climbing the wall is a fun way to build confidence, but why not learn life skills at the same time? How about having a team of up to four climbers transport an open container of water to the top of the climbing wall? Or drop a raw egg from a height of 30 feet without it breaking? Meanwhile back on the ground, an object has to be moved from one location to another. Sound easy? Not when the object is inside a roped off area that can't be entered, and participants who have to move it are blindfolded! At the end of the day, everyone has confidence that seemingly impossible goals can be achieved when using the right approach.

These fun with purpose events can be incorporated into birthday parties, summer camps, sports activities, scouting events or most any event where youngsters gather. We customize the program for your group so you can achieve your unique objectives.

Nick Hall, Ph.D.

Why we do it...

Nick Hall designed and directed team events for 26 years at a leading resort in Florida for an international corporate clientele. We bring the fun along with as much challenge as you like making your event one they'll remember. Fun & Fitness Events are suitable for adults and children.

Customizable programs:

  • High quality mobile equipment.
  • Setup indoor or outdoor.
  • For groups small and large.
  • Costs less than you think!

In addition, everything is mobile including our 30-foot climbing wall. That means events can be staged almost anywhere including schools, sports fields, parks or even your private residence. If there's room for a car, there's most likely room for the climbing tower!

These same activities that are extremely popular with adults can be modified to address the needs of children.

We worked with sports teams, families, sales groups, real estate companies, law firms, volunteer organizations, leadership/chamber organizations, hospitals, schools, scout troops, churches, wedding parties and more.


General Questions

  • Can anyone climb?
    Climbing and our other team building activities are great for the young and the young-at-heart. As long as you weigh at least 45 pounds and no more than 250 pounds you are good to go. You must also be free of any musculoskeletal injuries and other conditions that might be aggravated while climbing.
  • Is the mobile climbing wall safe?
    Absolutely. Our Extreme Engineering designed climbing wall incorporates one of the safest automated belay systems in the world. It features a fully redundant hydraulic unit requiring no power to operate along with an independent pneumatic system which maintains proper cable tension. The belay system, triple lock carbon steel climbing carabiners, and cables are inspected before each event. All equipment meets or exceeds the climbing and safety standards of all pertinent agencies (ANSI, ASTM, OSHA etc.). Our staff are fully trained in the safe operation and supervision of the mobile climbing wall.
  • Are you insured?
    We're insured by Lloyds of London--one of the most trusted and experienced insurance companies in the world for liability and medical coverage.
  • How much?
    Probably less than you expect or will find elsewhere. We offer hourly and daily rates which vary depending upon how the wall is used--for climbing or display. We can also offer it at no cost to host organizations and charge the climbers. We also offer discounts for nonprofits. Contact us for details. Complete the request below to plan your outdoor escape.
  • How much space is needed?
    Not much. The Mobile Team Events 4-person climbing wall is 29 feet 10 inches high- top to bottom. When raised, the operational footprint is 16 by 8 feet allowing the wall to set-up on the average homeowner's driveway. It can even be set up indoors with sufficient access and height clearance.


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